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2018 Race Registration Opening Soon!

Opens 1/20/2018
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What is Team CASA?

Team CASA is the official charity team of Maryland CASA Association made up of 150 – 200 walkers and runners. Our team members include walkers of the 5k and half-marathon courses, individuals training for their first 5k, half-marathon or marathon, and seasoned/experienced marathoners!

Why should I join Team CASA?

Lots of reasons! We offer discounted race registrations, Team CASA performance race shirts, packet pick-up, prizes for fastest runners and most money raised, and a hospitality tent in Charity Village on race day, where we feed you, store your belongings and give you a fun place to hang out! Beyond all of that, Team CASA is a great way to support a local organization that supports Maryland’s most vulnerable children and youth!

How do I join Team CASA?

To register for Team CASA, go to and click on “Register.” Select the race you want to participate in, and submit the registration form with payment information. When you submit your registration with us, we then register you with the Baltimore Running Festival.

What races can I participate in?

You have the option to participate in the 5k, the half-marathon, marathon or the BaltiMORON-a-thon (combo of 5k and half-marathon). You may also create a relay team of 4 people, each of whom runs a leg of the full marathon. Your kiddos can even join us by signing up for the Kid’s Fun Run!

My office/friends/family wants to run as a group. What options do we have?

We are so glad you asked! New this year, we are encouraging companies, families, groups of friends, etc. to form a “CASA Crew”! All you need is 2 or more individuals and crew members can register in any of the races – or you may all run (or walk) the same race!  You will receive a crew page on the Team CASA site where you will see a roster of your crewmates, recruit other runners and fundraise together. To learn more, click here or contact!

Can I join Team CASA but not actually run or walk in a race?

Yes! You may join the team as a “virtual runner” and enjoy all of the benefits of our runners and walkers, including a Team CASA performance race shirt and runner bag, access to the Team CASA tent, etc.  We ask that you register for the 5k race and create a fundraising page. Shoot us an e-mail at within 24 hours of registering to let us know that you wish to be a virtual runner instead of an actual runner and your registration fee will be counted as a donation to Team CASA rather than passed along to the Baltimore Running Festival. You will be able to set up a fundraising page and compete for prizes along with other Team CASA members!  Many CASA supporters choose this option and cheer on our team from the sidelines.

Do I also need to register on the Baltimore Running Festival site?

You do NOT need to register on the Baltimore Running Festival site. We receive an email after you register on the Team CASA site and we register you with the Baltimore Running Festival (BRF) within a few days. Once we have registered you with the BRF, you will receive a confirmation email from Corrigan Sports (race organizers) and will receive all emails and other communications about the race, including packet pick-up, parking, etc.

What does it cost?

We are happy to be able to offer you discounted entry fees for the Baltimore Running Festival! The prices are listed below:​

  • 5k – $40
  • Half-Marathon – $110
  • Marathon – $120
  • Team Relay – $250 (4 runners!)
  • BatiMORON-a-thon – $145
  • Kid’s Fun Run – $15
  • Boot Camp Girl Relay Leg – see next question!

I want to run with The Boot Camp Girl! What are my options and how do I sign up?

The Boot Camp Girl is a longtime supporter of Team CASA! You are welcome to sign up for any race as part of the BootCampGirl, however most BootCampGirl participant’s sign up for the ‘Boot Camp Girl Individual Relay Leg’ option for $60. By doing this, you will be matched with 3 other participants to form a relay team and each will be assigned a specific leg of the relay.

Click here to sign up to join the BootCampGirl for Team CASA!

If you have any questions about how the BootCampGirl Relay Leg option works, want to be matched up with specific team mates, or need more information, please e-mail or call 410-828-6761.

Is there a fundraising requirement?

Unlike most other charity teams, Team CASA does not have a fundraising requirement, but we certainly encourage our team members to ask for contributions from friends and family to support your run. The Baltimore Running Festival is Maryland CASA’s largest fundraising event of the year and we rely on funds raised to support our programs and services on behalf of children.  It’s also important to note that Maryland CASA receives no portion of your registration fee – that goes directly to the Baltimore Running Festival.  Team CASA offers discounted registration rates to our runners, prizes, a hospitality tent and many other perks, in the hopes that you will support us in return by donating and/or fundraising. We do ask that you set a minimum goal of $100 to receive a Team CASA performance race shirt.

How do I raise funds for CASA?

We understand that fundraising can be intimidating and even uncomfortable for many people – but we’ve consistently heard from our runners how surprisingly easy and painless it is to raise funds through our Team CASA site – and how willing people are to donate simply by asking them!  After registering for a race, you will create a user name and password for your fundraising page. You must login after registering to customize your page with your message and a photo. We are happy to walk you through this. Your fundraising page allows you to easily collect donations online simply by sending a link to your family, friends and co-workers, share it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. You will receive a notification by email whenever someone contributes to your page.  You’ll soon be checking your email multiple times a day to see the donations that have been made!

If you need suggestions on how to fundraise, forgot your login information, or need help in any other way just call our office at 410-828-6761 or email and we will help!

Can I collect cash and check donations?

YES! Checks should be made payable to ‘Maryland CASA Association’ and, in the note section of the check, you should ask the donor to write your name so you are credited with the donation. If you send cash, please be sure to include a note with the donor’s contact information (including email address, if applicable) and the name of the runner to be credited.

Cash and checks may be mailed to the address below or given to staff at the Team CASA tent on race day.  All donations must be received by 12:00 p.m. on race day (10/21/17) to count toward your fundraising total in the Team CASA fundraising contests.

Maryland CASA Association
402 W. Pennsylvania Ave. 3rd Floor
Towson, MD 21204

Where does the money I raise go?

100% of the money you raise goes to support Maryland CASA’s work on behalf of abused and neglected children. Maryland CASA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in 1997 to support the continued development and success of Maryland’s Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) programs that provide trained volunteers who are appointed by the courts to serve as advocates for children under court protection.  Maryland CASA provides extensive training to CASA volunteers and staff through our Training Academy, as well as technical assistance to CASA programs, help in starting new CASA programs where needed, and promotes public awareness so that more of the state’s children may be served. Maryland CASA has helped to start several new CASA programs throughout the state, expanding the number of counties served to twenty-one! Today, Maryland CASA continues its efforts to expand CASA’s reach to the few remaining counties in the state that do not have CASA programs.  Your support of this event will help us reach this goal and, ultimately, provide an advocate for every child in need.

I already registered for the Baltimore Running Festival on my own. Can I still join Team CASA?

Why, yes, of course you can! If you are already registered, you may transfer to our team and enjoy all of the benefits of Team CASA membership and be a part of a great group of like-minded individuals who care about children! Please call us at the office at 410-828-6761 or e-mail so we can get you transferred!

What happens if I have registered but can’t participate in the race?

We are sorry to say that registration fee is non-refundable but you may defer your registration to next year’s race (for a fee). This is the Baltimore Running Festival’s policy, and is standard across the race industry. Call us at 410-828-6761 or email and we can help you with the deferral process.  Deferments must be finalized by October 12th to be accepted!

What if I want to switch to another race?

Nothing is impossible (mostly). Call us at 410-828-6761 or email and we can help!

How does a relay team work?

A relay team is comprised of 4 individuals, each of whom runs one ‘leg’ of the full marathon course. To create a relay team, have your team captain purchase the team relay option on the Team CASA site (click here). The team captain will receive an e-mail after they submit the registration form. This e-mail contains 3 links, which the team captain can forward to the three other relay members to complete. These links just collect their information, and they will not have to pay.  If you lose the email, just contact us and we can re-send you the link.  We do not register you with the Baltimore Running Festival until we have the registration form for all 4 of your relay team members.

What do I need to participate in the race?

In order to walk or run on race day, you will need your race bib, which must be picked up at the Health & Fitness Expo at the Baltimore Convention Center on either Thursday October 19, 2017 from 12 noon – 8:00 p.m. or Friday October 20, 2017 from 12:00 noon – 8:00 p.m.

We are happy to pick up bibs for any kids participating in the Kids’ Fun Run and anyone who raises a minimum of $250, as well as any CASA crews of 10 or more people. Start raising money and save yourself the trip!

You CANNOT walk/run without your runner bib!

Can I have a friend or family member pick up my packet from the Expo for me?

Yes, if you are unable to attend the expo hours, a friend or family member is allowed to pick up your packet for you. They will need to bring your e-registration card that you will receive via email the week of the race and a copy of your photo ID.

  • You are limited to picking up ONE other race packet that is not yours. (Relay teams count as one packet.  Kids Fun Run participant do not count toward your limit.)
  • No packets or t-shirts will be mailed out before or after the race.
  • There is NO RACE MORNING packet pick up. (unless Team CASA picked up your packet!)
  • Kids Fun Run participants are required to print out an e-registration to claim their bibs and shirts. Pre-registered fun runners will get an email sent to the email address associated with their registration just like all adult participants. Our e-registration restriction of picking up one additional packet and ID requirements does not apply for the kid’s fun run. We do not expect kids to have ID’s nor the capability of picking up their own packet.

How can I change my race shirt size?

Just by reaching out to us! Email us at the office at 410-828-6761. The later your switch shirt sizes, the harder it will be to guarantee size.

What do I wear on race day?

Show support for Team CASA by wearing your Team CASA performance race shirt!!! If you did not request a Team CASA shirt, you can wear your Baltimore Running Festival shirt that you receive in your packet, or any other shirt you are comfortable in!

How do I get my Team CASA shirt?

If you requested a Team CASA shirt on your registration form, we will order a shirt for you! We will be offering race shirt pick-up from our office the week of the race or you may pick it up on the morning of the race at the Team CASA tent.

Is there a bag check or place to store my belongings on race day?

Yes! The Team CASA tent has a bag check, so you can store all of your belongings with us. The Baltimore Running Festival also offers a bag check, however they have very strict guidelines on what, how, and how long items can be checked. We highly suggest checking your bags with us!

There is no bag check at the start line of any race, so be sure to arrive early to allow time to check your bags at the Team CASA tent, or inside of Celebration Village!

What items are prohibited?

The Team CASA Tent is located right outside of Celebration Village, so you are able to store your all of your belongings with us, as many items are prohibited inside of race village. –  Click here to see what items are prohibited inside of Celebration Village and on the race courses.

If you have any questions about this, please call us at 410-828-6761 or email

Can I wear headphones during the race?

Here is the official notice regarding headphones directly from The Baltimore Running Festival:

The use of personal music devices is permitted. However, To enjoy all that our event has to offer and for the safety of all participants, the Baltimore Running Festival encourages a headphone-free environment during the running of all its race distances.

Runners competing for awards or prize money may not use headphones of any kind, and will not be eligible for any award or prize money if such a device is worn. USA Track & Field Rule 144.3, states that the visible possession or use by athletes of video, audio, or communications devices in the competition area (which includes iPods, MP3 and other musical devices) is considered assistance and is therefore are prohibited.

If you chose to use headphones, please be respectful of the other participants and the race officials by keeping your volume to a minimum. If wearing headphones results in your being unable to hear verbal instructions or commands from race officials, you will be asked to relinquish the device.

If you plan to use the Motigo app on race day, we request you set your volume at a level low enough to still hear your surroundings, or run with only 1 headphone in your ear.”

Whom can I contact if I have questions?

Please email us at or call the office at 410-828-6761.